Fish’s Thoughts: Reveiw Scores

Scored reviews are a dime a dozen nowadays. Pick just about anything really, be it a game, a show, heck even toilet paper, and you will be able to find a review with a score for it.

It is such an ingrained part of how we talk about stuff, a result of humanity’s love of categorizing. And that’s all well and good, scored reviews aren’t bad, heck, having scores allows one to tell quickly and simply what others thought of that “thing”. However there is a problem that arises with scored reviews, and that’s people being too committed to the numbers.

It’s a very easy pit to fall into and one I fell into myself at one time.

So today I’d like to talk about that!

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Highlight: Vigilante – Boku no Hero Academia Illegals

Vigilante.pngBoku no Hero Academia, the story of one boys quest to become the top hero in a world of them, has without a doubt taken the world by storm lately. Both the original manga and the anime have caught people’s attention, myself included. In fact, and I know this will make me sound like a hipster, I’ve been following since when its first chapters released. My point is it’s something I’ve loved since it began and am super glad that’s lots of other people now share that enjoyment.

Anyways a few months back I discovered a spinoff series for Boku no Hero, one that caught my attention. However seeing as it’s fairly new it’s understandable that it’s a bit unknown. Well I aim to do my part in changing that and help more fans of the orginal find a supplementary work worth their attention.

So today I want to highlight the ongoing 2016 spin-off manga, Vigilante – Boku no Hero Academia Illegals!

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Fish’s Thoughts: Pre-E3 2017

e3 bannerLast week I asked for suggestions on what to talk about in hopes of getting over the writer’s block I’ve been having for the past few weeks. One suggestion I received came from Faust, who has followed EhTaku for quite some time now, asking what I was hoping to see at E3 this year.

Well mates here is the answer to that question!

This is the short list of my Pre-E3 hopes!

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Question of Interest

This week is yet another week where I have found myself drawing a blank as to what to post about mates. So I figure I’d reach out to you all for some aid!

What would you like to see me cover? Do you have any ideas for a post? Let me know!

There is of course one rule to this, that being that I not familiar with what you suggest that I will likely not be able to post about it. Other than that I am open to suggestions!




Fish’s Thoughts: Great Anime Moms

anime mom bannerFirst off, I should apologize for this being as late as it is mates. I try and keep a consistent posting schedule, however I really haven’t been doing very well with that lately.

Anyways, with Mother’s Day having just passed us by, I’ve been thinking about mothers in relation to anime. It’s fairly common in anime for mothers to be rather unseen, or in more severe cases, dead (looking at you Full Metal Alchemist). As such it’s fairly rare that the whole concept of motherhood is ever explored in anime, but when it is it makes for a welcome change. So with that in my I’d like to take the chance to talks about two mothers from two of my favorite animes that I feel are not only solid characters, but great moms!

Today mate I want to talk about Sachiko Fujinuma and Inko Midoriya!

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