Top Fighting Game Characters: Female Contestants Part 1

I can’t say I’m an expert on fighting games, I’m honestly rather new to the genre and haven’t played many of the more popular games and series. I do still love them however and enjoy playing them against my friends! I also enjoy the characters and designs the come out of them as they have brought to life quite a few iconic ones! So I thought it would be interesting to go through them and name my favorites!

Here is how its goes: I’ve gone through every character entry on the website The Fighters Generation and listed my favorites. I then organized them by game/series and them in order of most-to-less favorite, giving a short explanation why for each entry. From there I plan to take them and make a list of my “Top 12 Fighting Game Girls” and my “Top 12 Fighting Game Guys”!

Please note these are my personal favorites. They may not be the best in-game and are most definitely not the definitive “best” characters, they are simply the ones I like and enjoy. I may not have played a single game they are in, nor really spent much time playing as them, but for one reason or another they caught my eye.

So here we go, starting with the ladies!

Arcana Heart


Lieselotte Achenbach – I was honestly rather surprised when it came to do the rating that Mildred wasn’t in first, but something about this girl beat her out. Maybe it’s her goth loita fanshion style? Maybe how she fights with a creepy yet cool doll? Maybe it is both? Yeah it’s both. I may never play Arcana Heart, but this little lady is defiantly one of my favorite gothic lolita designs! She just gets so much of the fashion and character style right, giving her a haunting cuteness.


Mildred Avallone – When I first looked through the character entries for Arcana Heart, Mildred here was the one I liked the most. However upon examining her design more closely (and seeing Lieselotte) I decided to drop her down to second place. I find her designs rather hit-or-miss, some I really like and other just looking kind of…ey. I’ve also heard she’s one of the cheap, spamming fighting game bosses which is rather disappointing. Still this (mostly) stylish young lady hasn’t fallen too far from grace!


Zenia Valov – Most the ladies on these list hold their position because I either find them visually attractive or undeniably cool. For Zenia its the latter (though there is a bit of the former as well). Dressed in her in an overall business-like fashion under a sleek long coat makes her look ready to get down to business. Her weapon, an awesome pile bunker gauntlet looks like it really packs a punch. Finally to top is all off, her spirit body is a penguin with a crown a cape! I’m sold.



Noel Vermillion – It was Blazblue that first got me interested in the fighting game genre, thanks in no small part to Noel here. From her military outfit to her earnest personality and gun kata fighting style, I like just about everything about this little lady! What I like most however, is her gameplay style. Her ability to quickly spit out combos is amazing and fits my “strike fast” playstyle to a tee! I will admit I’m not quite as fond of her outfit in Chrono Phantasma, but its still not terrible.


Nu-13 – I first saw Nu in a screenshot not long before the first Blazblue released in North America and was intrigued, knowing nothing about her. She definitely didn’t disappoint, with her sword inspired design and stoic-to-obsessed personality! There are quite a few fighting game ladies who wear bodysuits, but I personally think Nu does it best! Her technological eyepatch also looks very cool and help add to her menace as a villain. Unfortunately her basic concept has gotten a bit old with her “sister” units cropping up in later games. She can also be a pretty cheap character, spamming her long-distance swords. Still I’m a loyal fan of the first Murakumo Unit to show up in the series none the less!


Taokaka – Tao is honestly one of the most memorable characters in the series! Her forgetful, gluttonous nature and habit of giving nicknames is very entertaining! She is just as entertaining gameplay wise, from her cheerful idle stance to her cat-like crouch. She is also very, very fast and can cross the screen almost instantly with her special lunging ability. Design wise her oversized Kaka clan jacket looks very comfortable, suiting her lax, goofy personality well. It is a bit awkward to realize all she wears under it is a pair of short-shorts and suspenders…but thats beside the point. Overall I’m glad she exist and as such third place is hers!

Guilty Gear


Valentine – Yes, I do realize Valentine was never actually in any of the fighting game entries of the Guilty Gear franchise. I do however have my reason why she is here: she is almost wholly responsible for my interest in Guilty Gear. From her cool jester-like ha to her tiny tie and oversized sleeves, I love everything about her design! It really tears me up that I’m terrible at strategy games or I’d have bought the game she’s in for sure. It tears me up even more to know we’ll likely never see her again. You’ll live on in my heart Valentine, and in this list as number one!


Elphelt Valentine – Another of the Valentine “sisters” made it onto this list? Shocking I know. Still I like this perky and sweet young lady, her bunny-ear-veil thing is adorable and her dress is a nice mix between girly and gothic. The whole “Guns n Roses” thing she has going on is very clever and it interesting to see a firearm wielding fighter in the Guilty Gear games. Alot of her special moves are hilarious to watch, making her an nice addition to the Guilty Gear roster. The only part of her design I’m not that fond of is her shoes, they just look kinda…silly. Oh well.


Millia Rage – After Valentine, Millia was the second character to really spark my interest in Guilty Gear. I find the concept of her using her hair to fight very intriguing and creative. However I’m sort of here-nor-there on her original design, I much prefer her new Xrd design with the pillbox hat. On a side note I have to wonder if she inspired some parts of Yang Xiao Long from RWBY? It definitely possible.


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