Top Fighting Game Characters: Female Contestants Part 2

King of Fighters


Elisabeth Blanctorche – This French heiress definitely has a commanding air to her. Dressed in a classy suit in both her designs and armed with a riding crop she plays the social elite character type very straight! Adding to this is how smug she looks in combat, like she already knows she’s going to kick your ass. That sort of powerful and in-charge type of lady is something I very much like. Still it was a tough decision between her and Vanessa, really both of them share first place in my books. However since I have to pick one, I’ll go with Elisabeth since I’ve liked her longer.


Vanessa – This lady looks just awesome, like she’s ready to rock and roll! Of all the King of Fighters ladies her outfit is one of my favorites! Her shirt-n-tie plus suspenders look both professional and attractive at the same time, while not showing an overly large amount of skin. I also find it interesting how she has a double life going on, being both a housewife and a fighter. Her use of boxing is nice to see, as there are way too many female fighters who use kick or dance-like fighting styles. Not her though, she just uses good ol’ fistcuffs to knock your lights out! I really should spend the time and practice with her, as I’ve heard she can be quite the powerhouse!


Kula Diamond – I not always the biggest fan of the cute/moe type girls, but Kula is one of the few I do. Not only is this girl adorable, she also quiet cool (pun intended!)! I mean one of her moves is to SKATES across the ground on skates made of ICE! The creativity of that is just brilliant! I also really like her outfit, her bodysuit combined with the jacket, chaps and metal gloves work very well together! Her base color scheme of burgundy, white and gold is an interesting, but it works. Overall I’m quite fond of this little ice princess and there was no doubt in my mind she’d be one of my top 3 for KoF!


Leona Heidern – When I play King of Fighter, this blue haired army woman is my main. So why isn’t she higher on the list? Because honestly I really do not like her original design, her new black design is far superior in my books. On top of that I just like Elisabeth and Vanessa’s designs better. Gameplay wise however she is my favorite, as I enjoy how rapid her kick and strikes are, as well her one move that allows her to close a lot of distance quickly, making her very fun to play as.


Bonne Jenet – This pirate captain is quite the treasure! Though design wise she’s one of the simplest of all the entries, she rocks the purple dress she wears! I find her character rather interesting, being a rich girl who decided to make her own wealth. Her prime motivation may still be money/greed, but at least she willing to work for it. I really like how flowy her fighting style is, with her dress swishing around her, its very entrancing to watch! It is sort of comical she uses her dress for one of her attacks though. It’d be cool to see her return, as the last one I know of her being in was XI.


Xiao Lon – I really like this ladies design and if it wasn’t for the fact I know very little about her she would definitely be rated a lot higher! Probably my favorite thing about her design is how they took the stereotypical “asian woman in a dress” and instead made her clothes look more like a suit! Add to that her big sleeves (which I’ve heard she hides weapons in) and you got yourself a pretty stylish assassin. The “scorpion tail” at the end of her hair is neat as well! I would very much like to see more of her and it would be cool if they brought her back!


Mature – Just like Leona above her, this woman fell victim to “design dissonance”, only in reverse order: I really like her original design but I find her new design just plain boring. She’s wearing a basic business suite. Whoopee. I will admit the eyepatch is a nice though. Still, I find the white vest paired with the black shirt and dress to be fair more visually appealing.

Persona 4 Arena


Labrys/Shadow Labrys – Anime girls with humongous weapons are definitely nothing new, but Labrys here is one of my favorite of them! I find her combination of robotic parts with a school uniform to be quite snazzy, especially since I really like the Yasogami uniform (both male and female)! Her Shadow also has one of my favorite finishers of the game, its just so creepy and awesome at the same time. I have heard some people complain about her accent in the English release of the game, but I personally like how it sounds as it adds a bit to her personality. Sadly I’m not great at playing as her, but I still very much like what of her moves I have seen. First place for Yasogami’s Steel Council President!


Mitsuru Kirijo – I’d argue that this heiress is a prime candidate for President of the Ladies with Rapiers Club. That however is likely a bias opinion as she both is my main in P4A and one of my favorite Persona girls. She’s one of the rare cases where I like her younger self more than the older version of her thats in the game. None the less she still looks very in command with her bodysuit and fur coat. She’s also very fast with her sword, which fits me very well just like Noel! On the down side her finisher is fairly standard fare for an ice user (freeze he enemy them smash them with a decisive blow), but its still fits her pretty well.


Elizabeth – I really like how nonchalant this Velvet Room attendant is. Her relaxing on the ground after she gets “beat” never gets old. Her blue uniform and hat are quite stylish (possibly only beat by that worn by her brother Theo). Her fighting style is very flashy and eye catching, but on the other hand it can be rather cheap and spammy. I’m sure at higher level play this can be countered but for a novice like me this makes her kind of annoying to fight…but endlessly satisfying to use.


Naoto Shirogane – Naoto is a character I never really realized I liked until I stopped to think about it. The way she can go from a suave detective to a somewhat shy and earnest girl is rather adorable. Her outfit suits this very well and I really like her trademark blue cap. On the down side her fighting style is like the dead opposite of mine and I find her finishers to be one of the most boring, though it is admittedly the most practical.


Marie – Marie honestly looks a bit like she’s Naoto’s rebellious twin sister. The visual similarities between them are especially prominent in hairstyle and choice of hat. I like her design none the less, though I can’t say I know very much about her.


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