Top Fighting Game Characters: Female Contestants Part 4


Lili Rochefort

Lili Rochefort – Rich, beautiful and able to kick ass if she needs to, she is definitely quite the privileged young lady! This pampered beauty not only has a solid base design but her goth-inspired alternate outfits add icing to an already great cake! I really like her fancy mini-dress with boots combo, it really works for her as a “rich girl” character type. I have heard that some people hate her and that I can understand, her being rich and privileged could definitely grate on some people’s nerves. Still she has my heart, for better or worse!

asuka kazama

Asuka Kazama – Lili’s rival in-game is her rival on this list…rather fitting I’d say. This justice seeker is definitely Lili’s opposite in many ways, being more tomboyish than her girly counter. Still she has a lot of charm and has a spunky personality that her design only adds to. Despite it not really being her fighting style, Asuka’s outfit makes her look a bit like a wrestler in my opinion. On a completely different note I have to wonder what would occur should she meet Phoenix Wright, she points about as much as her does!

Under Night In-Birth


Hilda – I liked this lady almost instantly, mainly because of the class and style she exudes. She is a beautiful woman and she looks very stylish in her full body dress, making her appealing without being exploitative. Her design is not overly complex, with the black and white divide adding what little visual interest is needed. Add to that her sweet ability to manipulate shadows (including a move were she lounges in a chair made of them) and you got yourself a queen who looks superior and powerful. She is without a doubt deserving of first place!


Orie – I’ll admit I have trouble taking her name seriously (it sounds too close to “Oreo”) but this young lady has a interesting design. Like Hilda, she’s attractive even while not showing any skin and her blue and gold dress looks nice on her. I will admit her 5 inch heels seem a bit ridiculous, especially for combat, but they play their part in making her look refined. Her rapier has a nice design as does her spirit companion, “Thanatos”. She does seem slightly cliche to me (yet another a righteous warrior with a rapier) but she manages to stand out enough to catch my attention. A solid second place!


Vatista – Yes, she looks like a gothic loltia Nu-13. Yes I like both the gothic loltia and Nu-13. That’s why she has third place.



Tessa / Tabasa (Warzard) – I originally didn’t think this beautiful redhead would be this high on my list, normally puffy pants and witch hats are kinda “meh” to me. However the longer I studied her design the more I found myself growing a strange attraction to it. Perhaps she placed a spell on me? If so, it worked and brought her all the way to the top!


Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) – You might be surprised that this undead cutie is the only Darkstalkers lady to make it on my lists. Honestly she the only one I find particularly interesting. Her giant claws and ability to pull all manner of things from her sleeves is very entertaining. Her outfit is a nice variation of that worn by a traditional Jiangshi. Overall she’s just a fun design!


Yatterman #2 (TvC:UAS) – I know only this and that about Yatterman, having watched a few episodes of “Yatterman Dark”, but it seems intriguing. One things for sure, this spunky lass has quite the groovy outfit! Personally I would tone the heart theme down some, but overall she looks like a truly funky heroine!

And there you have it! Those are all my favorite fighting game ladies and my reasons for liking them! Look forwards to next week as I will be doing the same for the guys, followed by me refining these list down to my very favorites among them! Now I turn things over to you mates, what are some of your favorite fighting game girls? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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