Top Fighting Game Characters: Male Contestants Part 2


beowulf Beowulf – Yup, another chair-wielding badass made it onto this list! I’ve been a fan of the creativity and style of Skullgirls since I first found out about it and they yet again fail to disappoint with this one! A pro wrestler being based on an Old English epic is a pretty creative idea. His wolf-pelt costume works well at hearkening to his heroic warrior inspirations and overall make him look like a pretty many guy. I also find it entertaining his relationship with his chair, known as The Hurting. That sort of oddity help him fit into the strange and freaky cast of Skullgirls fairly well. He makes for a pretty interesting wrestling type character and I salute Revenge Labs/Lab Zero for all the creativity they put into him and the rest of Skullgirls!

big_band Big Band – Yet ANOTHER inventive design from Revenge Labs! A former policeman who got on the wrong side of the corruption in New Meridian and is now a cyborg with a body made of musical instruments. If that doesn’t catch your attention then your a rather boring person. Its interesting how they used the variety of different instruments to make up his body, like the valves of a trumpet being his knuckles. This in turn leads to so very nifty attacks and moves for him to use, all stuff that no other character I know of uses. Skullgirls is really one of those rare cases where I find it hard not to like, or at least appreciate, most the characters. Again, kudos to you Revenge Labs/Lab Zero!

Street Fighter/Final Fight

akuma Akuma – Of all the Street Fighter cast I find this hulk of muscle and violence the most intimidating, even more than M. Bison. With his fire -like hair and inhuman eyes, he looks ready to rip apart everything that stands in his path and that makes him both terrifying and awesome. While he admittedly has many shared moves and designs aspects with Ryu and Ken he also has enough to make him stand out from them as well. Probably one of the things that’s coolest things about him is the symbol on his back that glows ominously. He definitely makes for a great evil counterpart for the main characters and poses quite the challenge!

dudley Dudley – A proper gentleman with talents in the good ol’skill of boxing eh? I say old chap, tis jolly good pip pip! British accent jokes aside, Dudley is one classy fellow and in a lot of ways he reminds me of Major Armstrong of Full Metal Alchemist…though Dudley is notably less exuberant. Even though boxing is a fighting style that’s older than the hills and as such is often seen in fighting games I find the dandy touch Dudley gives to it to be quiet charming. However I must say it is rather ridiculous the way he does everything with boxing gloves on. However I suppose the Street Fighter universe is rather ridiculous as it so so he fits in just nicely!

haggar Mike Haggar – I must certainly suck to be a criminal living in Metro City because Mike Haggar is mayor. It must suck even more to be stupid enough to kidnap his daughter. Show clap Mad Gear Gang, slow clap and I hope you enjoy the taste of asphalt. Getting back on topic, his guy is without a doubt the definition of “manly”. Even his design is manly, a pair of pants and some suspenders with no shirt, allowing his to show off his bulging muscles to the world. Interestingly he actually reminds me a bit of Freddie Mercury in appearance, at least in the face. In general he’s the ideal hardworking hero that appeals to Americans and even though I’m Canadian I have to say I appreciate Capcom making this guy.

Under Night In-Birth

chaos Chaos – Most the time I’m not a huge fan of the “aloof guy in glasses” character type, however Chaos is one of the few exceptions to that. Something about how calm and analytical he is is just likable. However even more than that I like him for his design and ability. His design is simple enough, like many of the characters in Under Night In-Birth, consisting over everyday clothes. However he doesn’t need anything crazy, what he has looks good on him. As for his fighting style he’s one of those characters who hangs back and lets his “minion” (in this case a lizard-like creature) deal most the damage. This character type is probably the one I’m the worse at as it requires a fair bit of planning and strategy but that’s just my own lack of ability. His lizard creature is pretty cool, looking like the combination of a dinosaur and a komodo dragon. Lastly his theme is one of my favorites from Under Night (which has solid music throughout), being a nice drum and bass beat that matches his personality well.

waldstein Waldstein – When I first say this mountain of a man I was sure he was a villain…then found out he isn’t. Well that’s new. Design wise he look like a combination Berserker from Fate/Stay Night and Potemkin from Guilty Gear, only with massive claws and a mane of hair that would make a lion jealous. Overall this old warrior looks pretty darn intimidating. Going by his appearance, I’m guessing he’s the “big-guy grappler” of Under Night and likely slow as a glacier. But heck when you’re built like he is you don’t need to worry about being fast. Overall he’s a pretty cool design, being one of the most out there besides Merkava.

seth Seth – Seth is that “brooding loner rival” type character that is fairly common in anime related works (like Sasuke Uchiha or Seto Kaiba). Like Chaos, his character type is another one I’m not crazy about, too much angst and gloom for my taste. However in his case (again like Chaos) I admit I think he’s pretty cool. His design of a high-collared long coat, two toned hair and fang-like knives gives him a really mysterious and imposing appearance. His design admittedly is rather common, especially for his character type, but I feel that it is used a lot because it works. It would have been nice if they had done something to make him stand out a bit more but none the less I do still like him.

merkava Merkava – This…thing? Guy? Not sure which is correct. Anyways, this one is without a doubt the “freak” of the game. As one of the strange creatures that stalks the night in the world of Under Night, he has freaky cool design. The glowing lines that cover his body make him look pretty slick and his long, noodly arms look comical yet deadly. Still the animation for these arms are very fluid and creative, ranging from long grabs to rapid whipping blows. Really overall he looks like the sort of thing that a child would believe hides under their bed, so pretty intimidating. What only adds to this is how his finisher involves him eating his opponent alive. Yikes.


jedah Jedah Dohma (Darkstalkers) – Of all the mountainous cast the makes up Darkstalkers, Jedah is one of the most messed up. Turing his wings into scythes, extending his fingernails, manipulating blood, the guys walking nightmare fuel. And that not to mention his stage which could scar children for life. This soft of freaky, messed-up creativity is something I find fascinating however, as crazy as that may make me seem. He’s just so weird and different that it piques my morbid sense of curiosity. He’s an awesome character, because anyone whose fighting style involves self-mutilation is pretty hardcore.

jin Jin Saotome (Cyberbots) – Between this guy and Ryu, who are similar in appearance, I personally find Jin to be more awesome. First off the guy just extrudes meaning with is slow, striding walk. Secondly his outfit, especially the spiked shoulders and flowing white scarf are something only a complete badass could be taken seriously in. Finally the guy not only fights bare handed (well most the time) but also has his own mecha! He’s one of those guys, such as Kamina from Gurren Lagann, who just make everything they do look over the top and MANLEY! And that everyone, is what I define as “awesome”.

And that’s it for the guys! Just like with the girls, feel free to give your thoughts and opinions on this list! Also feel free to share some of your favorite guys from fighting games, as I’d love to hear your take on things! Now stay tuned for next Monday when I announce which of the guys and girls are my top favorites! Cheers! ~Fish


2 thoughts on “Top Fighting Game Characters: Male Contestants Part 2

  1. You can’t go wrong with fighting games character! I Love Guilty Gear, the chara design is pretty unique.

    I would have ranked some original and weird characters like Zappa or Voldo from Soulcalibur!


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