Top Fighting Game Characters: Male Contestants Part 1

So time for the guys! Just a quick overview before we get started, these are my PERSONAL favorites. They may not be considered the “best” characters nor really be that effective in their respective games but for one reason or another they caught my interest!

So with that, let’s get started!


Bang Shishigami – Of all the characters in Blazblue Bang is probably one of the most memorable characters beside Taokaka. His overzealous hamminess provides endless entertainment and his finisher is by far one of the most hilariously amazing ones in the game. His design is also pretty solid (just like his exposed chest) even if he’s yet another highly noticeable ninja. I really like the nail/hammer theme he has going on, it helps him really stand out from the countless other ninja’s in fighting games (looking at you Mortal Kombat). As such there really wasn’t any way this lively vigilante ninja wasn’t going to be my number one pick for Blazblue. In a world full of oppressive government and ancient plots that are all doom and gloom Bang (as well as Tao) add some much needed brightness to everything. Sta awesome Bang and keep on bringing wrong doers to justice the Ikaruga way!

Jubei – When you see a cat/cat-person in something anime related, you expect something cute and female. Jubei is neither. He’s a gruff badass. Sure a cat that stands on his hind legs and wears a yellow raincoat looks a bit ridiculous. Personally however I like this look, it gives him a certain casualness that matches his generally laid back attitude. His double swords look awesome and apparently have the ability to “cut what can’t be cut”. I have to question how he uses them though…maybe if they’d finally make him playable I’d know! However until that day finally comes, and I do hope it does, I’ll be left to come up with my own speculations!

Hakumen – Sorry Marvel fans, but this is my favorite silver samurai! He is just an overall awesome character from his fox/wolf inspired armor to his badass creed! On top of that this is the guy who led the Six Heroes (all powerful in their own right) against the Black Beast, one of the most dangerous creatures in the Blazblue universe! Heck in the games he’s only using 20% of his power! That’s pretty awesome and he has a fittingly awesome theme song. On top of all this his finisher has to be one of my favorites, it’s just such a spectacle! Really the only thing barring him from first place is his stoicism. The guys as serious as Batman and which lead to him not being as entertaining as the two above him.

Ragna The Bloodedge – The main man of Blazblue defiantly takes some design props from Sol-Badguy, which is surprising seeing as the share the same developers. This grumpy, highly-wanted criminal may seem like an abrasive jerk but that’s not all there is to him. He does have a nicer side, it’s just buried below a very thick wall of sardonicism, a result of his pretty lousy life. As the most wanted man in the Blazblue universe, this white haired rebel can definitely hold his own in a fight with his soul absorbing powers and sweet sword/scythe. A lot of his in-game moves involve summoning wicked looking blades and he has a pretty brutal finisher that’s another of my favorites. Design wise his red jacket and black samurai pants look pretty slick and their colors contrast nicely with his hair. He may not be my top pick for Blazblue, but he still makes for a solid lead character.

Iron Tager – Iron Tager is a bit of a rarity among his type, he’s a “big guy” who for once ISN’T a dumb lug. Its kind of refreshing to see this. Sure it’s been done before with character like Bane from Batman, but it’s still uncommon enough to make Tager stand out. Gameplay wise he operates how you’d expect a character of his size and type to, powerful but painfully slow. To make up to his lack of speed however he has the neat ability to use electromagnetism (powered by a pair of nuclear generators in his chest) to draw his opponents in. Design wise he hearkens a lot to Potemkin of Guilty Gear. He is calm and logical in personality, peering to avoid violence if necessary. This analytical seriousness can prove rather comical however when he’s forced to deal with some of his superior, Kokonoe’s, more outrageous demands. So in final, he’s creative powerhouse and a helps round out the Blazblue lineup nicely.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing – At first glance his elderly butler may not seem like much of a threat. In reality however he is one the Six Heroes that Hakumen led, making him anything but harmless. As a werewolf, the majority of Valkenhayn’s in game movies revolve around him changing his body partially or fully into that of a wolf. He also fights using primarily kick and is pretty nimble despite his age appearance. Design wise he looks his part as a butler, prim and proper, befitting the Alucard family he serves. He makes for a pretty cool older character (and one that actually looks old) but he sadly somewhat falls into the place of not having too much to make him stand out. Still he can none the less kick some ass…and still be in time for tea while he’s at it!

Guilty Gear

Sol-Badguy – It’s hard to go wrong with a character who has a name as hardcore as “Sol-Badguy” and is based of Freddie Mercury. This lazy and apathetic man is the main character of the Guilty Gears franchise. Fittingly he has one of the coolest designs in the game and is fairly iconic as far as fighting games go. Wearing his trademark red headband and wielding his squarish sword, Fireseal, he definitely looks the part of the roguish mercenary he is. I have read some sources that state he is rather generic, a statement I don’t disagree with. However if his is or not doesn’t make him any less of a badass in my eyes. Rock on Sol!

Slayer – I like this suave vampire for the same reason I like Elizabeth from P4A, that laid back, devil-may-care attitude they carry. Design wise Slayer stands out from the traditional vampire crowd somewhat, ditching the old high-collar cape attributed to them for a stylish shoulder cap more suited for maneuvering a battlefield. Overall in appearance he reminds me of the traditional image of a British author, albeit one with the most exaggerated comb-over ever. In short, he looks like a very stylish and well-bred gentleman and it would be quite interesting to see him interacting with Rachel, Blazblue’s resident vampire.

Sin Kiske – This guy is probably someone the fan girls drool over left and right (seriously he rivals his father Ky is the pretty-boy department), but none the less he’s a pretty cool guy. I mean anyone who wield a flagpole as a weapon and eats right in the middle of battle is scoring at least some awesome points. Design wise he looks a lot like his father, only with shorter hair and an eye patch, but I don’t really count that as a negative as it would make sense they would look alike. Other than that however I don’t really have any other thoughts on him, as I haven’t seen enough about him. However he does have my interest!

Persona 4 Arena

Kanji Tatsumi – In both Persona 4 Arena and the main Persona games Kanji is easily my favorite male characters. Everything about his design (and his Persona’s) screams “badass”, from the coat over his shoulders to his skull shirt and gruff leer. Yet despite looking like a thug he’s a really nice guy with a soft spot for cute things. I like it when creators make characters like this, ones that are more than their outer appearance. Even better is how Kanji fights in game, that is wielding a FOLDING CHAIR! Oh and his finisher is an ELECTRIC BROFIST with his persona! Yes, he is just that awesome! Kanji Tatsumi, I salute you .

Yu Narukami – While personality wise this guy admittedly is a bit bland, being the protagonist of Persona 4, he does have his moments. I like his overall design, not that it too much different from the other main characters, because as I stated before the Yasogami High uniforms are some of my favorite anime school uniforms ever. His weapon, a katana, is cool (when is a katana NOT cool?) but a bit standard for a main character. His lighting wielding Persona is where Yu really shines, as in my opinion it is one of the best design-wise in the game. So while he is somewhat standard, Yu does make for a pretty good lead. Still I do prefer many of the other characters who have more personality over him.


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