Overview: RWBY Season 1


From time to time there emerges ideas and creations that makes waves on the internet. One such occurrence of this is RWBY, a fully 3D anime-like web series. Led by the late Monty Oum of Rooster Teeth, the show first came into public knowledge in November of 2012. Since then its built up a bit of a following and so today I’m going to take the opportunity to analyze its first Season and share my thoughts. Here we go mates!



RWBY takes places in the world of Remnant, a land plagued by dark creatures called Grimm. The only protection against the Grimm are the few human cities and their protectors, called Hunters/Huntresses. The show focuses on four girls who are training to become Huntresses at the elite training academy, Beacon. In a lot of ways this sort of setting has been seen before, as the whole “magical school” is highly common in anime.

However the world of Remnant is enough of a mixture of modern and fantasy to be interesting. It also has a fairly interesting “magic” system thats uses both a substance called “Dust” and a being’s soul-force, called “Aura”. The Dust particularly stands out to me as it allows for the character’s weapons to assess a variety of effects.

As for the characters the main four are Ruby Rose, a cheerful but slightly socially awkward girl, Weiss Schee, the rather icy heiress to a prominent company, Blake Belladonna, a withdrawn and mysterious bookworm, and Yang Xiao Long, Ruby’s lively older sister. With this being the first season the majority of its time is spent establishing the characters’ base personality. Not a lot of depth is given to any of them besides Ruby, who for all intent is the main character. The show also takes the opportunity to introduce one of the main villains, as well as tease another early on, but gives little in the way of what they are planning.

Overall the setting and characters are solid starting points and I’m interested to see how the creators expand and utilize what they’ve set up in future seasons as they leave a lot of questions by season’s end.


In terms of music, RWBY has rocking tunes throughout, courtesy of Jeff and Casey Lee Williams. The songs range from out-and-out rock to some electronic and more orchestral-feeling pieces. It all serves well to get you into the action of the series and the main theme never fails to get my blood pumping.

Were RWBY falters in the sound department however is when it comes to the voice acting. I generally don’t make too much of a fuss about it since I understand Rooster Teeth isn’t a major production company. None the less I did find, at least initially, that some of the characters voices didn’t suit them as well as I’d like. Depending on how much value you place into voice acting this may make or break to show for you. For me however it was more of a minor misgiving that I got use to with time.


As with the sound, the animation has both its high and low points. During the action and fight scenes the animation is flawless, with the characters using their crazy weapons to perform all sort of awesome attacks. In the more mellow, day-to-day life scenes however the movement of the characters can seem rather stiff at times. At times I noticed points in the show when the characters don’t seem to be really interacting with the world around them and seems kind of “off”. The show also has a habit of suddenly transitioning to 2D from its normal 3D which can be rather jarring at times.

Final Thoughts

All together RWBY Season 1 is a diamond in the rough. Its by no means a “bad show”, it’s merely the first steps to something that has great potential. Given time I’m sure things will greatly improve and what problems there is will be remedied. So with all that said I’d recommend giving it a watch. The season isn’t long and could be easily watched in one sitting. The show can be found over on Rooster Teeth’s website or on Youtube. There is also physical copies of the show for sale, however I’d recommend watching it online first before you buy.

If you have any thoughts or feelings on Rwby, feel free to let me know! I just ask for the sake of anyone who hasn’t seen the show that you mark possible spoilers. Also stay tuned for next week, as I will be doing an Overview of RWBY Season 2!



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