Overview: RWBY Season 2


Last week I did an Overview of RWBY Season 1 and so now its time to give Season 2 the same treatment! Just like last time I’ll be analyzing and sharing my thoughts on the show’s setting, characters, animation and sound. However before we get started I should mention I’ll be referencing some of the big events that happened in Season 1 so SPOILER WARNING! Now with that out of the way, let’s take a look at what we have!


As established in Season 1, RWBY takes place in the world of Remnant and focuses on the Hunters/Huntresses that protect the world form monstrous Grimm. Season 2 continues to build on the world that has been set up thus far and begins to touch on what the world outside of Vale and Beacon. The Grimm are also expanded on and new types of Grimm, some far more dangerous than what’s been seen thus far, are introduced. All this helps keep things interesting as the plot moves towards the Vytal Festival, while also showing more glimpses of the villains plans.


The characters is where Season 2 really shines however. With all the basic introductions more or less out of the way, the show is finally able to get down to the meat and potatoes on its players. From Blake opening up more to her teammates in light being revealed as a fanus to Weiss learning to relax more, the characters seem a lot more alive than they did in Season 1. The Season also takes some nice chances to explore more finely the their past and lives, as well as give the girls an opportunity to study just why they want to be Huntresses. Season 2 also introduces some new characters, all who fit in nicely to the existing cast. In fact at one point it became hard for me to keep track of who my favorite character in the show was with all the awesome newcomers.



Just like last time the music is as rockin’ as ever. Season 2 adds a variety of new tunes that range from hardcore action to fun and lively. In terms of voice acting I had little problem with the voices of the new characters…that is all except for one: Jessica Nigri as Cinder. No disrespect to Jessica but I find that her voice absolutely does not fit the villain at all. The show attempts to portray Cinder as seductive, plotting and mysterious but sadly Jessica’s friendly sounding voice doesn’t portray any of that. Its a shame really, as its nice to see Rooster Teeth involving major players in the anime community like this.


On the upside however a lot of the problems I had with the animation are near non-existent now. I still did notice one or two “off” moments, but overall the more casual scenes seemed more natural. The action is just as flawless as ever and manages to kick things into overdrive, delivering some kickass fight scenes! Another side note is the fact that the “shadow people” that populate the background of Season 1 are gone, replaced with varied and colored models, which is a nice touch.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion RWBY Season 2 nails the ball out of the park with its solid action, more fleshed out characters and expanded plot. What few misgivings I do have with it do little to tarnish all the parts it gets right. As such I give it a solid recommendation, though I suggest watching Season 1 first if you haven’t already. The entirety of RWBY can be found on either Rooster Teeth’s home website or on their Youtube channel.

Like always, thoughts and feelings are welcome, but again please mark any possible Season 2 spoilers. See you next week mates!



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