Fish’s Thoughts: E3 2015

Thanks for your patience mates! I recently moved, so getting myself in order took awhile. I’ll hopefully be getting back on track now that things are more or less settled.

Now, on to the matter at hand!

As many of you know, E3 took place 2 weeks ago. With it comes an array of new game announcements to get the old hype juices flowing. I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about what got me most excited this year!

Dishonored 2

This by far was the thing that got me most excited! The first Dishonored is among my favorite games, so I’ll be happy for an opportunity to return to its dark world of assassination! The trailer for it was great, both the setting and the design for the new playable character look amazing! However, what got me most excited was probably the new abilities they gave us glimpses of. The tentacle rope looks very handy for getting around (especially serving as the new character’s version of “Blink”) and the shadow arms look like they’ll be able to deal massive damage. I can’t wait to see more!


Ever since playing through the original Borderlands I’ve had a fondness for Gearbox Software. So when they announced they’re making a new game and it looks similar to Borderlands I get excited. Though originally announced in 2014, I only first heard about it at E3 this year. What I saw has me interested, especially the wide array of characters the game is launching with. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Fallout 4

Though I was sort of hoping for word of a new Elder Scrolls game, I can make do with a new Fallout. I’m not a super huge fan of the series, as I’ve only played a bit of 3. However, after listening to the developers talk in depth about the game, I must say my attention has been caught. I’m probably most excited about all the customization options! Finally having a use for all that junk you get in your inventory will be a breath of fresh air!

So that more or less sums up what got me excited from E3 2015! In closing I have to say E3 this year seemed rather…boring, at least for me. A lot of what was announced were games I have no interest in. Still, I’m glad for these few that are up my alley!

Now I turn it to you mates! What games and announcements from E3 got your hype train chugging? Feel free to comment and/or share this article! It would be great to have some new faces around!




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