Overview: RWBY Season 3

2013912-1445642061380-rwby_thumb_ep01With Season 4 starting I think it’s about time I jump back on the RWBY train and do my (admittedly late) Season 3 Overview. Like before this may tread into spoiler territory, so if you have not seen the previous 2 seasons, I suggest doing that before reading. Both in their entirety can be watched in a day and they can be found either on Rooster Teeth’s site or on their Youtube channel. You can also feel free to check out my thoughts on both Season 1 and Season 2 to give yourself more context of my thoughts on Season 3.

Now without further adieu, let’s get down to it!


Season 3 follows up the previous build up to the Vytal Festival by focusing on the Festival itself. People from all the different kingdoms have gathered in Vale for the event, immersing themselves in the intense arena fights between students from all over. However in the shadows of the festival those that plan chaos for all of Remanent continue to further their plot.

It’s your standard “Tournament Arc” that helps introduce a slew of new characters quickly. However that said it’s not a bad arc by any mean, as the characters it introduces and it’s finally payoff are more than worth watching through to the end.

v3_03_00032Speaking about characters, there’s quite a few fresh faces, most of them members of various teams from other kingdoms. However among these new characters are some notable additions. Firstly, there is Qrow, Ruby and Yang’s uncle who has been alluded to and mentioned in past seasons. He steals the screen for when he’s on and makes for a nice mentor figure for the two sisters.

There is also Winter, Weiss’ older sister who serves in the Atlas military under General Ironwood. Though a strict and somewhat proper woman, you can tell she cares for her little sister and would like nothing more than to see her succeed.

However probably the most notable thing in regards to character development that happens in Season 3 is how it fleshes out the villains. Both Mercury and Emerald are given more time in the limelight, including backstory as to how they came to join Cinder in her dark quest. We also get to see them use their various skills and abilities to deadly effect, proving just how much of a threat they truly pose to our main 4 ladies and the world.


Not too much has changed in terms of animation or sound for Season 3.

v3e1_22The new tracks are just as great as the previous season, helping set the mood as scenes unfold. It is worth noting however that the Rooster Teeth animation team did improve the visuals ever so slightly by including the addition of hand drawn graphics that mirror the style of the shows 3D models. These drawings are done masterfully and blend in very well with the show, to the point that when I first saw them I had trouble telling they weren’t 3D. It’s not a big change, but it’s those small touches that they add each season that help the show improve over time!

Final Thoughts

While Season 2 for me was RWBY absolutely smashing the ball out of the park, Season 3 was it putting me on a very crazy roller coaster.

Its is full of unexpected twist and turns that kept me coming back each week and left me anxious for Season 4 with its spectacular finale! So yes, watch Season 3! It’s the payoff that the first two seasons have been building up to and it is very much worthy of your attention!

And now I turn it to you, mates! Feel free to give me your thoughts and feeling on RWBY down in the comments!




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