Overview: Killing Floor

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_122474054_previewSo it’s that time of year again mates!

The eve of ghost and ghouls, Halloween!

It’s on this night that kids are collecting candy and gamers are revisiting beloved horror classics.

Now, I admit to not being the bravest soul and as such I generally tend to ignore the horror genre of games. However there is one game that falls slightly into that category that I absolutely love.

The zombie survival game, Killing Floor!

It’s a game some may be familiar with, as it has a decent following on Steam. In the spirit of the holiday I thought I would do a overview of this little gem!


The story and setting for this game are about as basic as you can get for a zombie game. Lab experiment goes wrong and zombies (or “Zeds” in this case) overrun London and the surrounding countryside. Now what remains of the police and military must band together alongside the few survivors to try and fight off the hungry horde.

ss_622882a9be578746ef1402ef601ceb6e26404809-1920x1080What little more that is given in the way of story is told in boxes of text before each map. However at large the plot isn’t groundbreaking, but that isn’t particularly problematic for this sort of game.


The basic gameplay of Killing Floor is an online co-op Horde Mode, surviving waves of foes with chances to resupply between each wave. However it adds some of its own touches to the formula. Most notably is the additional of classes, or Perks as they are called here. Each of these Perks serves a different purposes and utilizes different weapons and perks, ranging from the melee focused Berserker who can wield a claymore to the Medic who can fire healing darts from their gun.

It also adds a leveling system for each trait that fills up as you complete certain task. As this level increases, certain stats improve and, in some cases, you even begin spawning with better equipment. This can range from beginning the match with one of your Perk’s weapons instead of the basic pistol to starting with the every essential protective body armor.

ss_9ad38970b527217b2ef3857c32125072b2bd55f0-1920x1080As for the Zeds, Killing Floor faces the players off with a variety of increasingly difficult foes throughout the 4-10 waves. Early waves generally start off comprised of the basic grabbing Clots and bile spewing Bloats, but build up to the fire spewing Husk, wailing Sirens and the ever dangerous Fleshpound.

Matches then finish off in a battle against the powerful Patriarch, who wields a deadly arsenal of weaponry along with the abilities to cloak himself and regenerate. These foes will prove further challenging as players move up the difficulty levels, from Beginner to Hell on Earth.

Finally the game provides the player with a wide variety of maps to fight their way through, including 5 core maps and an additional 17 added for free over a course of about a 5 year span. The games accompanying Steam Workshop further increases this number by boasting a wide range of fan-made content and maps, some of which were released officially as part of the additional 17.

The only downside the game does have is its interface. Being originally created by a small team as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 means that its UI is functional but isn’t as spot on as it could be. It is all very basic and the placement of some important information, such as ammo reserve and player health are rather oddly placed. The control for the game can also take some getting use to, such as how to heal yourself or seal doors, and the game does not support controllers in any capacity.


For a game made by a 10 person team in 3 months, KF was decent animation and sound. Zeds have tells that allow the allow player to anticipated their action once learned. They are all have unique cries, allowing plays to know what’s around even if they cannot be seen. Players also have a range of lines, all of which are delightfully British, some of which have even become beloved memes among fans. The whole visual/audio experience is rounded off with a soundtrack comprised of intense metal, fitting the gritty B-Movie feel of the whole game.

Final Thoughts

Killing Floor is easy to enjoy both with friends or complete strangers online. The game has a thriving community, even after 7 years and the love they have for the game is very apparent. So if you’re thirsting for a little zombie killing action in the vein of Left 4 Dead, I recommend giving it a try. The game cost around $20 on Steam, but can often be picked up for less during one of their legendary sales.

So grab some mates, strap on some body armor, grab your incendiary shotgun and go make some sweet sweet dosh slaying Zeds!

Happy All Hallows! Hope you all have a wonderfully spooky Eve! Feel free to comment on what some of your favorite Halloween games are or your thoughts on Killing Floor!




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