Fish’s Thoughts: Games and Glass Walls

5886b63c7307b3a41ca358fda7eb4020d70fea015417d1717ed145517fbf13db_largeSo with the release of Sun and Moon almost upon us and hype building there is no better time to talk about Pokémon! I’ve been a fan of the franchise since the Poké craze of the 90s, so it’s held a special place in my heart even into adulthood.

I originally planned to run through my favorite 12 Pokemon this week, however since I’m having difficulty writing that list I have something else for you today, mates. Since it’s a topic that’s been on my mind since the the announcement of Sun and Moon, I feel that this subject is a better fit anyways.

Today I would like to talk about games and glass walls.

Now you may be confused as to what I mean by this, so let me explain. I feel like games today are like houses made of glass walls; you already know everything that’s in them before you enter.

With hype and “leaks” rampant in the build up to a game nowadays the majority of the details of a game are already known before the game is even out.

I first noticed this during the buildup to the release of Pokémon X/Y. The games were still a week away and every single Pokémon in the game was known, as well as every gym leader. So when I actually finally played my copy of X a week later none of the encounters with the new Pokemon felt as exciting as it should have. There was no sense of discovery, something I feel is very core to what Pokemon is, and this really saddened me.

pokemon_alola_regionAs such when the two new games were announced I made a promise to myself to avoid all leaks and spoilers, wanting to go into them basically blind.

This however has proven very, very difficult.

Almost all of the sites and social media outlets I frequent had users posting about any and all new information like wild upon discovery. It was like the only way to truly avoid it all was to take very drastic measures. I honestly found it all rather infuriating.

That said I understand that people are excited and many do want to know as much information about a game early on as they can. I just wish they would respect there is some of us who don’t share those sentiments. So I’m not asking for this to stop, not by any means. I just ask that people be a little more diligent in marking post containing potential spoilers for games.

I apologize if that became a bit of a rant, it’s just a topic I feel rather strongly about. Like I said earlier I’m a fairly large fan of Pokémon, especially the sense of discovery the games can grant and I dislike having that taken away from me.

So what do you think mates? Are you someone who likes to know things beforehand or would you prefer to discover things on your own?

Feel free to comment down below!




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