Highlight: Arkada

Hey mates, today I want to introduce something new I’ve had in mind for a little while;


If you remember from awhile back I did a post in hopes of bringing attention to a comedy manga I enjoy. It was after doing that post the idea for Highlights came to me and I’ve decided to make them a regularity around here.

Now with this being the first official Highlight I wanted to make it something special and it wasn’t hard for me to decide what.

Mates, today I want to highlight a Youtuber and fellow otaku known as Arkada!

1d9904f8999450b3601e619b84cf98c9b356e453_hqNow it’s very possible some of you may have already heard of him, as his channel has nearly 500K followers. However for those of you who don’t, Arkada is an anime Youtuber who mainly runs a review show called “Glass Reflection”. He also talks about upcoming anime and does first impressions of seasonal shows. So overall, at face value his work is fairly similar to most anime Youtubers out there.

But there are a few things that sets him and Glass Reflection apart from the rest. The first and most noticeable is production quality. From the intro, to the camera quality, set and lighting, Arkada puts a lot of work into making his work look good and its shows. It makes everything so much easier to watch and creates a sense of authenticity that allows one to truly take what he says seriously.

His reviews follow a very simple but distinct format, as he breaks the aspects of the show down into three categories and talks how they fare in each section. These categories he has set are good at conveying the key point of a show and keep everything feeling professional and organized.

9a47kz0mmwfrlb18vsznobpprfmxphkds8nc1pxffxgc6lj5f879zvtmvirsyvpn_large_2However probably one of my favorite things about him and his channel is how open and friendly the guy is. He doesn’t talk to his audience like he’s better than them, but rather as equals. He never makes any claims to having the definitive “right” option, rather expressing his thoughts and leaving it up to people to come to their own conclusions about a topic. I respect him deeply for this.

Now those of you who are familiar with how he runs things may have noticed that my work is very similar to his and I won’t deny being inspired by him.

The truth is he’s the reason I started EhTaku in the first place and since I enjoy the way he breaks things down, I decided to go for something similar since it’s so efficient. However at the same time I try to add my own take on it by applying that style to games as well.

So Arkada, if you are reading this, thanks mate and keep being awesome!

As for the rest of you mates, I highly suggest going to check out him out! If you enjoy what I do, you will definitely like his work! His channel can be found on Youtube and he can also be followed on Twitter! Also feel free to leave a comment about him down in the comments if you have anything to say!




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