Highlight: MrtViolet and Dimensions

dimensions__poster_by_mrtviolet-dafhn47I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, but I am an artist. When I’m not posting here on EhTaku, I love to spend my time drawing and creating works of passion. As such I understand the work it takes to do a drawing, must less a comic. Why I bring this up today is because, I want to Highlight an artist that is doing the latter. An artist I admire for the amount of passion she puts into her work.

An artist that really deserves more attention and recognition than she gets.

Today I want to talk about MrtViolet and her current manga, Dimensions!

Now before I get into the comic, I should probably give a little background on the artist herself. She hails from Greece and has be labouring at her craft for some time. She has done other comics in the past, such as Violet, a short manga that deals with topics of depression and identity. This very much spoke to me when I read it, as I myself understand what the pit called depression is like. Her works are very much labours of love and one can tell that she puts her heart and soul into them.

Her most recent manga, as I mentioned before, is Dimensions.

As the title suggest, the story involves two different worlds, one fantasy-like, the other a post-apocalyptic wasteland, that exist separately from one another. However this all changes when a pair of brothers find a strange crack in reality that leads to the other world. Though this discovery at first seems harmless, things soon begin to spiral downwards as there are those who wish to use the portal for their own ends. Now, the brothers, along with a pair of twins they meet in the other world, must defend the portal from those who would misuse it.

companions_by_mrtviolet-d9bdeazIt’s a solid story packed with emotions and themes. It touches on topics of the effects of war, religion and family. This is all brought to life by MrtViolet’s drawings, which have a somewhat ‘smoky’ feel to them that adds to the oppressive tone of the whole thing. Overall it’s a manga I suggest you check out! There are currently three chapters out at the time of this post, with more on the way, all of which can be found in MrtViolet’s DeviantArt gallery. The only side note is that I should mention is that the comics are read via a Flash reader and may initially load slowly.

And that about wraps things up mates! I would love to talk more about Dimensions, but anything other than what I have already said would be getting into spoiler territory and it is something best experienced for yourself. Now I turn things over to you, as always. What are your thoughts? Is there any small, mostly unknown webcomics or artist that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments!




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