Top 12: Favorite Pokemon

Pokemon, arguably one of the most successful media franchises in the world. With over five games in it main series, the pool of creatures the player is able to catch as increased greatly from the original 150 in Red and Blue. I’ve been a fan of Pokemon since it first erupted into popularity back in the 90s and retained that increased in the series most my growing up years. Over that time I developed favorites among its pool of creatures and so today I’m finally going to list the 12 that sit at the top of that list. That said this list wasn’t easy to make, since there is so many great creatures and designs. However to help myself narrow things down I set down to rules:


  • Only one Pokemon per evolution line
  • No Legendaries


Also note that this list was largely constructed prior to Sun/Moon’s release, so I’ll do my favorite creatures from those games another time. Finally with any list like this I do, these aren’t the “best” picks, just the ones I personally like.

Now without any more delay, let’s dive in! Here are my Top 12 Pokemon!


Number 12 – Absol

250px-359absolThis one was probably one of the toughest for me, it was a tossup between this and Wailord. However in the end Absol just seems slightly more interesting, being a misunderstood guardian from misfortune. Design wise it is cool, with its head blade and majestic white mane, making it look very intimidating. However that said I don’t feel as quiet as much attachment to it as some of the other entries on this list, so that’s why 12th place belongs to it.


Number 11 – Haxorus

250px-612haxorusOf all the dragon designs Game Freak has come up with, I personally think this bad boy is one of the most intense. It has flipping swords for teeth for gosh sakes! (Must be kind of hard for it to eat) About the only reason it is so low on the list is that I haven’t had much personal experience with it, being its evolution level is on the higher side at 48. Still on design alone this mean lizard owns a spot on this list!


Number 10 – Garchomp

garchomp_v_3_by_xous54-d36qdhpMy thoughts on this beast are very close to my thoughts on Haxorus, as both absolutely bleed awesome. Garchomp manages to edge out its sword-toothed rival however because of my love of sharks. It also gains bonus points for being an absolute powerhouse in battles and for the wicked Mega-evolution it was given in Gen 6. You go dinosaur ground-shark!


Number 9 – Heracross

250px-214heracrossOut of all the innumerable amount types of bugs on Earth, probably my favorites are Rhinoceros Beetles. Well Heracross is one as a Pokemon! I’ve liked it since I was a kid, feelings only that intensified by how awesome it was in a book I read during the 90s poke-craze. Its also one of the few Pokemon designs to play to both the cool and cute crowds, with its stocky body and earnest eyes. Alas, if only its mega didn’t make it look like a honed Pinocchio on steroids, it would have been higher up.


Number 8 – Scizor

250px-212scizorI can imaging the discussion that went on at Game Freak HQ when they came up with this fearsome bug went something along the lines of “Okay we have a bug with scythes for hands, how can me make it more AWESOME?” Apparently by giving it scissors and making is a sleek as possible. I remember seeing this thing as a kid and being blown away by its design. I also remember being blown away again when they turned it into an imposing robo-bug with its Mega. You done good GameFreak.


Number 7 – Joltik

250px-595Joltik.pngThe last of my favorite Bug Types trio is the exact opposite of Scizor. Its cute. Oh so adorably cute. And it’s a TICK no less! If that’s not proof Game Freak can make just about anything likable, I don’t know what is. This little critter is one of the few adorable Pokemon I do actually like. It was also one of the first to have the unique dual typing of Bug and Electric, making it able to actually stand up against Flying types. Overall this little guy is both endearing and creative, so credit where its due!


Number 6 – Gourgeist

250px-711gourgeistAs becomes apparent with my next three entries, the Ghost type is probably my favorite type in the game. The first of my favorite ghost is Gourgeist, part of one of the two Grass Ghost evolution lines introduced in X and Y. Using Halloween and Jack-o-Lanterns to make a Ghost type like this is honestly an idea I’m surprised Gamefreak didn’t think of earlier, it just works so naturally. I also gives rise to this creatures signature move, Trick-or-Treat, which adds the Ghost type to any Pokemon struck by it. Put simply, it allows Gourgeist to make any Pokemon weak to it. That is just so fittingly impish and devious!

Number 5 – Chandelure

250px-609chandelureI know there are many people that aren’t a fan of Pokemon based on objects and I admit that many of them are kind of silly. Looking at you Vanillish. However one that I really do like is this one right here, Chandelure, the possessed lantern. From its Jack Skellington like face to its eerie purple flames, this creature is both creepy and cool at the same time. It and it pre-evolutions are also the only Fire Ghost types that I know of, making it somewhat significant in terms of typing.

Number 4 – Shedinja

250px-292shedinjaIn terms of unique pokemon, this ghostly creature definitely stands out. For those who don’t know, Shedinja only ever has 1 HP. That’s right, 1. Seems pretty useless right? Well it would be if it weren’t for it’s ability, Wonder Guard, which makes it invulnerable to any direct damage that isn’t super effective. Honestly a pretty cool gameplay mechanic. What’s also interesting is how you obtain Shedinja in the first place, by having a empty slot in your party and a spare Poke Ball when you evolve Nincada. In terms of actual design, this creature is quite haunting, being a possessed empty shell that supposedly steals the soul on any who look into its back hole. All these elements together makes Shedinja very memorable, easily scoring it 4rth on the list.

Number 3 – Oddish

2043-shiny-oddishOddish use to be my most favorite, however that changed after I played Pokemon X. Now that’s not to say I don’t hold a fondness for this dorky little Grass Type anymore, just that others have taken the throne it once held. Now as for why I like Oddish in the first place, that not something I can easily explain. Something about this goofy plant just resonates with me. Maybe it’s the fact that it sleeps all day, just like me? Or maybe it’s that it look like it’d perfectly fit inside my sweater hood. I can’t really say what it is, I just know I’ve liked it for some time now.


Number 2 – Gastrodon

423Gastrodon was a creature that I honestly didn’t even know existed before I caught one in Pokemon X. However it was through catching one that I fell in love with this tri-eyed sea slug, primarily its West Sea version. This squishy wall of a creature quickly became a mainstay in my team for its ability to absorb damage like a sponge and render Electric types completely useless. I also adore it’s sad puppy-dog face, giving it a earnest, endearing look. As such I plan to scour Alola for one of these creatures, because with that much water they must be around somewhere!

Number 1 – Talonflame

250px-663talonflameThroughout the Pokemon games there has always been a Normal Flying type bird that is one of the first things you can catch. Generally these birds remain remain that typing through their evolutions, making them easy to use but not overly interesting. Well Talonflame evolution line breaks that tradition by becoming Fire Flying upon reaching its second form. And I love it. Fully evolved this thing is a deadly meteor of fire and destruction, hitting hard and fast. It’s also just plain badass looking, being a vibrant red falcon with a flame like pattern on its wings.So with how much I love its design and enjoy using it in game, Talonflame is undeniable my favorite Pokemon!


And there we have it mates, my list of Pokemon I consider my favorites! With that I turn it over to you. What do you think of my pick? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments and I will see you next week!





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