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Fish’s Thoughts: Alola Pokemon

pokemon_alola_regionSo in my last post I did a Top 12 of my favorite Pokemon, spanning from Kanto to Kalos. However Alola sadly got left out as at the time of writing Sun and Moon were yet to be released. However after playing through my copy of Sun I started to realize I had some thoughts on the Pokemon of the Alola region, both for the new creatures and the regional variations.

As such I’d like to share those thoughts and give you what I feel are a few of Alola’s best and worst. I should just note beforehand though that these aren’t listed by rank, as enough time hasn’t passed for me to really nail that down. Instead this is more of an informal collections of thoughts on a couple creatures.
So with that said, let’s begin! Here are my thoughts on Alola Pokemon!

The Best

733toucannonToucannon – It seems to becoming a habit for me to have a fully evolved starter bird on my team, however I just can’t help it. With Talonflame it was its speed and ever-so-useful Fire typing. With Toucannon it’s the raw power this bad-tempered bird brings to the table. This thing is easily the powerhouse of my team and I have so much fun using Beak Blast, its trademark move. Normally I dislike two-turn moves, but the fact that it inflicts Burn on a opponent that physically hits it during the first turn makes it worth it. Toucannon also just has a solid design in my opinion. It’s not groundbreaking or overly complicated, but it works and it’s cool to see them introduce a toucan into the series. They couldn’t have picked a better place to do so!

600px-771pyukumukuPyukumuku – A sea cucumber isn’t exactly the most popular creature, so I think GameFreak did a pretty good job making this creature likable. Its one of those Pokemon that’s derpy-ness works in its favor, as is the case with Slowbro. However as clueless as it may seem this thing is no slouch. Its new unique ability “Innards Out” has the possibility to be devastating if used correctly, as when knocked out, Pyukumuku deals the amount of health it had left in damage to its opponent. Long story short, don’t one shot this thing.

778mimikyuMimikyu – I fell love with this little guy about as soon as I first learned about him, to the point I made a point of searching for one in game. As you may know Ghost-types are my favorites and this one is easily the best new ghost to be introduced! I like the backstory of just wanting to be loved but being unable to show its true form. It also has a very useful ability, just like Pyukumuku, in this cause never taking damage from the first attack it receives. In my mind, this guy is even better than Pikachu who it tries to mimic!

600px-105marowak-alolaAlolan Marowak –Cubone and Marowak have always had an association with death, the Alola form of the latter being a Ghost type fits perfectly. It also fits for it to be based on a tribal fire dancer, seeing to the region’s tropical nature. However even more so than any of that, this thing just looks downright awesome, with its ghostly green flames and jet black body! Its easily my favorite of the new region variations.

The Worst

600px-728popplioPopplio – I may be alone in this, but personally I find this thing (and its whole evolution line) the worst starter GameFreak has ever given us. It looks dumb and not creative in the least. The region is based on Hawaii, a land ripe with sealife, and they give a circus sea lion. Why not a dolphin? We’ve never had a pokemon like that before. This thing is just a wasted opportunity.

600px-053persian-alolaAlolan Persian – While there are a few less than great Alolan forms, such as fat Raticate, most of them have some level of sense to them. This one does not. With its Alolan form GameFreak functionally took Persian, a slim elegant cat, and make it look like a complete moron. I do not know how they got the idea that giving it a comically large head and derpy eyes was good. I feel so sorry for you Persian.

752araquanidAraquanid – I’ve never liked spiders. I can’t say I’m outright afraid of them, but I’m certainly not fond of them. However for the most part Pokemon has managed to make the spiders they have likable. This nightmare spawn however is a complete nope. I don’t want to be anywhere near it, let alone catch it, and the less I think about it the better.

And that about wraps things up! Overall I do feel like Alola was a pretty good region, one of the most memorable and unique for me.

Now I turn it over to you, mates!

What did you think of the Alola Pokemon?

Do you agree or disagree with my choices?

Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, where there’s polls and updates about post!



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