Overview: Ouran High School Host Club

Host Club BannerLike I mentioned in my last post, I first really got into anime back in highschool.

It was while I was a member of the anime club that I was introduced to a lot of new shows. However, during my third year in the club a decision was made to watch a show for the whole semester; The show that was picked was this one. I quit the anime club after that.

You see I was still of the mindset that “shojo is for girls and girls only.” Since I am not a girl, I considered it a waste of time to watch. Oh how foolish I was. I later discovered during college just how worth my time this show really was.

So mates, join me as I take a look over a show I have a fair bit of history with!

Ouran High School Host Club!


With Host Club being one of the most popular and well known shojo shows out there, many of you will already know its setting. However for those who don’t, it’s really quite simple.

haruhi fujiokaThe show takes place at the prestigious Ouran Academy, a school for the ultra rich. However a few common students the opportunity study in its grand halls should they pass a rigorous entrance exam. One such scholarship student is Haruhi Fujioka, the shows main character. While looking for a quiet place to study, Haruhi ends up indebted to the schools titular Host Club. Being woefully unable to pay this debt, the club forces Haruhi to work as one of their girl pleasing host.

There is just the problem: Haruhi is a girl.

She just so happens to be rather boyish in appearance, so the other club members simply throw her into a male uniform. They soon discover is that she is a natural at hosting, and thus becomes a staple member. What follows is a reverse harem show that makes it’s job to satirizes every major cliche in the shojo book.

The twins causing troubleThe hilarity that ensues is only furthered by the varied cast of boys that make up the host club, such as over dramatic Tamaki or the trickster Hitachiin twins. Yet the character that I like the best is the one caught in the middle of the insanity, Haruhi herself. She’s not only a great straight man, but also one of the best female characters I’ve ever seen. She’s a strong, independent young woman who can handle herself, unconcerned about her gender. She is what a lot of anime mains try to be, average and relatable. However she’s also what a lot of them are not, and that is interesting.


Similar to The Wallflower, the animation for Host Club isn’t groundbreaking.

host club openingThis is fine however as the show doesn’t necessarily need it. What Studio Bones gives is good enough to carry a viewer through the hilarious story. The music too is fairly average, as none of the tracks really stuck with me. That is of course excluding the shows opening song, “Sakura Kiss” by Chieko Kawabe. Or as some of you may know it “Kiss, Kiss, Fall in Love”. Since watching the show that song has been stuck in my head. I wasn’t initially very fond of how overly cheerful and dare I say…girly it is, however it grew on me. It’s still not something I could listen to for an extended period of time, but it generally brings a smile to my face.

Final Thoughts

Host Club is popular in the shojo community for a reason. It’s a fun show that’s quite approachable, even to non-shojo fans such as myself. Its also side splitting hilarious even if you don’t understand everything it’s satirizing. Overall I give it a solid recommendation, as despite my initial preconceived notions, it’s not just a show for girls. So go on mate, check it out and have yourself a laugh!

And that does it for this week! With this we’re halfway through this little mini-series, so look for the last two in the weeks to come.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts on Host Club and check EhTaku out on Twitter!

Hope you all enjoyed!




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