Highlight: Fubuki

fubuki bannerIt would be an understatement to say that One Punch Man has made an impact in the anime community. After its first onscreen appearance in 2015, this alternate take on superheroes took the internet by storm, gaining a sizeable following. With its many colorful characters it’s easy to see why it is so popular and why many among its roster have become fan favorites.

One of the most popular among these is the dark haired beauty, ‘Jigoku no Fubuki’ or, Blizzard from Hell, who is also my personal favorite. As such I would like to take this opportunity to talk about just why I like her!

Fubuki is the top ranked B Class hero and sister of the S Class hero Tornado of Terror. This skilled esper is known for her habit of recruiting other B Class heros to work under her as part of the Blizzard Group. As such when first presented, she comes across as a confident and somewhat haughty woman, only interested in further securing her own position.

fubuki and the blizzard groupHowever after her multitude of attempts to get Saitama to join her, her outer shell breaks away to reveal a different side to her; In the face of his unimaginable power, we get to see the sense of inferiority she carries around deep inside herself, largely a result of being constantly overshadowed by her sister. It is then that her actions and outward personality make sense, she ammasses followers and acts superior to make up for her insecurities.

This is an aspect of her that I really like. In many cases characters of a similar outward disposition to her are just haughty for haughty sake. Its rare that they are given any deeper reasoning for how they act outside of being a thorn in the protagonist’s side. However with Fubuki we are given a look at what lies in her core and it’s a feeling I personally connect with.

I too often feel insecure about my own abilities as a result of having a sibling overshadow me. So I can understand what she is going through and see why she might act the way she does, forming an attachment to her in the process.

Design wise, Fubuki is a mix of other characters I like. She has the dark haired, fair skinned beauty of Shanoa, mixed with the classy refinement of Hilda. This combination gives her an aura of mystery and sophistication, with her dark clothes and stylish fur coat, aptly looking the part of a powerful businesswoman. However once you see her true nature, you realize that her choice of fashion is yet another part of the facade she wears. It’s a means by which to sell her air of superiority and mask her insecurities. And that makes it very effective. It’s a design with thought, not only being visually appealing but also further accenting key aspects of her character.

fubuki using her powersFinally we have the most important part of her, her powers. As I mentioned earlier, she is an esper, able to make literal blizzards of debris with her telekinetic abilities. As such to most normal people she would seem greater than they could ever hope to be. However, compared to her sister, who can pull asteroids out of orbit, she is grossly overshadowed. It is this very fact that spurs every other aspect of her character, making it very integral. Though highly capable, the sense of inferiority to her sister undercuts her confidence. It’s almost ironic though, as she has many aspects her sister lacks in my opinion, such as physical beauty. However in the society she lives in, those aspects are overlooked in favor of power.

So in summary I find Fubuki to be a character who is not just attractive, be also has dimension to her. She’s not just a pretty face. This attachment is only deepened by the aspects of her I can relate to. Overall I feel that she is very well developed and deserving of her popularity.

My only hope for her is that she could get some more screentime, as at current her parts are minimal.

And with that I turn things over to you mates!

Do you like One Punch Man, and if so who is your favorite character? Feel free to let me know in the comments! Also come check EhTaku out on Twitter!



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