Highlight: Felli Loss

felli loss bannerAs you’ve probably noticed from my last two post, I tend to be a more of a fan of older characters. I tend to find the standard anime fair of school kids a tad to melodramatic for my taste. However there is a odd exception to this from time to time. One such character is the female lead of the lesser known anime Chrome Shelled Regios. Today I want to take a look at the tiny snow queen known as Felli Loss!

I should first take a chance to explain a bit about Chrome Shelled Regios first however. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic earth overrun by dangerous insectoids. As such humanity has been forced to take up residence in mobile shelter cities called Regios. Each of these cities have an academy devoted to teaching young people to fight in the protection of the Regios, often causing said academy to call the shots in how things within the city are run.

felli loss nen-iThis last point directly affects Felli herself, as she is the younger sister of her Regios’ leader. As such she is often pushed into the limelight and admired by her fellow students. This is only furthered by the fact that she is one of the most skilled users of Nen-I, the shows equivalent of psychic energy. She however is not fond of these facts, as she heritage and power means she has been forced to take up arms without any choice in the matter.

Her power also forces her to manage large amounts of information, causing her have to limit her emotions to maintain the delicate balance of control. As a result she generally seems withdrawn, given her the air of a cold beauty. However while this is often very much the case, one starts to notice different sides to Felli, ranging from temperamental to pleasant.felli loss grumpy And while this may make her seem rather fickle, I personally like this three part dichotomy of cold, hot and sweet, as the creator use (and exaggerate) it in a way that’s very entertaining. I also appreciate that they didn’t make her your average anime “emotionless girl”, but instead attempted to make her feel unique by adding other elements and traits to give her personality.

felli loss designI also find Felli’s to be quite physically appealing, being someone who puts stock in character design. Her outfit is largely similar to the uniform all the other academy students wear. She does however have some slight differences to hers, having more frills on her skirt and blouse, as well as wear a pair of white boots in place of the standard loafers. This, combined with her long white hair and pale skin, give her an aura of grace and makes her seem like a princess, which she in some senses is. In all it serves to make her feel like she fits her role as the president’s sister, as well as makes her easily recognizable. As such I feel it is an effective design and one that I’ve been fond of since first discovering the original manga.

The only downside to Felli is, just like with Hilda and Shanoa, both she and the work she from are little known. However it is my hope that in writing this that I can perhaps inspire more people to take notice of something I have a fondness for. While I won’t claim that the Chrome Shelled Regios itself is perfect, I definitely feel like Felli is one of its better aspects and would love if she could a get more of the attention I feel she deserves.

And that’s about it for this week mates! I hope you are all enjoying this mini-series so far, because I’m certainly enjoying getting the chance to write them. Now, like always feel free to comment, I’m always open to further discussion post topics. Also don’t forget to check out EhTaku on Twitter, where you can keep updated on new post and participate in frequent topic polls! Hope to see you next week!




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