Fish’s Thoughts: RWBY Season 4

rwby season 4 bannerSo now that I’ve gotten the two mini-series done and things are returning to normal around here, I think it’s time to get on something that has been on the back burner. I’ve given my thoughts on the other three seasons of RWBY, so now it’s time to do the same for the recently concluded Season 4. However this time round I’m going to go about it slightly different. Whereas the others I did as full on Overviews, I’m going to just outline some of the key things I liked and disliked in Season 4, as I feel that a Overview is unneeded at this point. With that understood the only other thing I should mention is that I may steer into spoiler territory, so if you’re not caught up and don’t want things ruined then this is you warning in advance.

Now for the rest of you, here’s my thoughts on RWBY Season 4!

I suppose I should first address what I disliked about this season, as it’s the shorter of the two list. My major complaint this time round is the whole thing feels sort of incomplete; like it’s just half a season. I understand that it is this way since the show is in a point of transitioning, but it still left me feeling slightly empty and unsatisfied when it was over. Sort of like a roller coaster reaching the top of its biggest climb and then stopping right at the edge of the big drop. Oh well hopefully whatever Season 5 has to offer will be worth the long, arduous wait.

ruby rose jumping from a clock towerNow on a more positive note, there is a fair few things I really liked about Season 4! First and foremost the art style and animation have have undergone and noticeable change and the new look is a marked improvement. That’s not to say I thought the look of the previous seasons was terrible, but the new look just makes everything crisper and more defined. You can tell that RoosterTeeth’s animation team is really getting into their element and excited to see what sort of spectacles they might have in store come future seasons!

Secondly I like the majority of the characters new outfits and designs, Ruby’s especially. It really helps convey the feeling of change the season has as a theme and helps show some time has passed. They all look more mature and ready to take on the unfairness of the world. It’s also quite a meaningful moment to see Jaune using Pyrrha’s gear to further improves his own. That gold trim on his armor really works as a physical representation of his connection to her and own personal growth.

Team RNJR travelingSpeaking of Pyrrha I have to mention it’s good to see that her demise hasn’t been meaningless. She’s a driving force for a good portion of the other character’s growth and though she’s gone one can almost feel her spirit over the whole season. Her death also clearly marks in the shift to the darker tone of the series moving forward, which can be felt throughout Season 4. There is a air of foreboding gloom about it, as the characters silently mourn what was lost, and the uncertainty of it all makes everything a bit more engaging. You have no idea what will happen or if a character you love might just be killed, and though it makes everything a bit more stressful it also keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The villians meet with their queenLastly I like that we were finally given some insight into the more intricate character relations and deeper lore. There have been a lot of questions up to this point and it’s nice to finally get some answers. Its also quiet intriguing what the handful of new characters will bring to the table and how they will steer the course of the story in the future. However even more than that there is the question of whether Cinder and her followers will continue to serve Salem, as this season gives us hints they are beginning to question what they have gotten themselves into.

So in summary Season 4 was a decent ride, though I don’t feel it impacted me the same as some of the previous seasons. Still if what its building up to delivers, I can see the seasons following it being very exhilarating! I can’t wait to see what RoosterTeeth has in store for us!

And now its again your turn to share your thoughts mate! Did you enjoy season 4? What did you like and dislike? Let me know in the comments below! And as always feel free to come check EhTaku out on Twitter!




2 thoughts on “Fish’s Thoughts: RWBY Season 4

  1. Something to add to this volume feeling sort of incomplete was the entire concept of having larger gap between volumes 3 and 4. This meant that we didn’t get to see alot (6-8 months according to RTX) of the personal conflicts Weiss and Yang had to endure. However the parts of their conflicts that we did see were done pretty well (such as Yang’s nightmare and the portrayal of Weiss’s family).


    1. Another thing I don’t understand is Team RNJR didn’t just take a boat (or however they got across the ocean) straight to the capital. Generally trips to major cities would be cheaper, so it’s not like it’s a money issue.


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