Fish’s Thoughts: Sub vs Dub

Well we’re back folks and this week I want to talk about a subject of heavy debate.

However I would like to make it clear that I understand that people have many different views and I am not saying mine is the definity “right” one.

I only wish to talk about an issue in the anime community that I hold stronger feelings about.

That is the argument of Sub vs Dub.

I will say it straight out the gate, I prefer dub. Sadly though when I generally make this proclamation, I’m met with weird looks and the statement “Why? Subbed is better.” So today I want to make my case as to why I prefer what many consider the lesser way to experience anime.

Now I do understand why some people prefer subbed and see it as the “superior” medium. It’s true it preserves the original Japanese voice work, giving what could be considered a more “authentic” experience. It is also true that some dubs, especially early one, are not exactly….stellar.

Both of these are valid and completely reasonable points.

For me however I find subbed hard to watch what with the combination of having to read text at the bottom of the screen while also paying attention to the connected animations makes trying to follow the plot very difficult.

I can do it, especially if the show is something I’m familiar with, however I just find I get more out of watching it dubbed; I like being able to be able to focus on what is going on without to much conscious effort.

I also find the notion that the voicework in dubbed not being as good as subbed is becoming increasingly untrue, especially with licensing companies like Funimation at the helm. Current dubs generally aren’t done by whatever Jack or Jill a company can pick up off the street but real talent like Vic Mignogna and Johnny Yong Bosch? People with experience and skill for what they do, allowing them to give the characters life.

As for the belief that dubbed is less “authentic” and therefore those who enjoy it aren’t “true” fans, while I can see where that line of thought stems from, I personally have to disagree. I ultimately find that point to be a bit of a “No true Scotsman” just like the view that only anime made in Japan is “anime” (a topic I plan to address at some point). It just seem elitist and kind of pointless. We all enjoy anime, so its not worth comparing how we chose to enjoy it.

We just need to accept people like to float their boat differently and move on.

So mates, what are your thoughts? How do you feel about the whole Sub vs Dub argument? Let me know in the comment! Also don’t forget to stop by and check EhTaku out on Twitter!




4 thoughts on “Fish’s Thoughts: Sub vs Dub

  1. This one definitely remains a matter of opinion. I prefer subs (though am working to be able to get rid of even those and just listen to it in Japanese) but have no real issue with modern dubs. 1990’s dubs are a different story.

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  2. i dont particularly know if this argument is still as heated as it used to be, but i think the argument for either side is fine. id say for the subs side, it’s not so much that the experience is more “authentic” and more so that the VA industry in Japan is more developed than it is in the west, so it has a bigger pool of talent available to it. as you said, this is becoming less so as time goes on, but i dont think the west is quite there yet. my personal argument for dubs is that you can give your eyes something else to do if your ears are processing dialogue instead.

    as for myself, ive been watching mostly airing series these days and when i started, dubs werent as quickly available as subs were, so i ended up watching almost exclusively subs once i stopped watching completed series. and at this point, im just used to it and dont really feel strongly enough about dubs to switch over. plus, i think that female voices in dubs are generally more annoying than they are in subs, but im not sure how much that has changed in the past two years or so.

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    1. Yes, I agree that both sides are fine and that it is all a matter of opinion. I just wish less people would feel the need to force they’re views on others and belittle those who don’t share their views.


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