Fish’s Thoughts: The Heroic Legend of Arslan

arslan and daryunOne of my early post here on EhTaku was an First Impressions of The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime, an adaptation of the manga by Hiromu Arakawa. At the time of writing that post the anime had only just begin airing so I ended up only giving my thoughts on the first three episodes. Well now that I’ve seen the show through a few times I feel like I should share some more thoughts, based on my now fuller knowledge. This may get into spoiler territory however, so if you have not yet seen the show consider yourself warned.

Now let’s take another look over The Heroic Legend of Arslan!

One of the first things I mentioned in my original post was how that the show has some bases in the Holy Crusades that occurred around Jerusalem and how neither side of the conflict were shown to be completely perfect. They are aspect of the show that is introduced very early on and only further reinforced as the show gets into its story. An example of this is how the Lusitanians (the shows fictional equivalent to Christians) are initially shown to be fanatical in their beliefs that all non believers should be killed. However the show later begins to have some Lusitanians questioning the reasoning behind their beliefs and actions. Its an aspect that helps make everything feel more real, showing that groups often have people with a range of different motivations and morals within them.

arslan and companyAnother aspect of the show that I quite enjoy but didn’t get to touch on in full detail was the cast of character the show presents. Though the show doesn’t cover the full extent of what the manga is currently at, it still does a decent job of showing the various characters personalities and motives, making them engaging to watch. The range of these personalities and motives are quite varied to, even among the main cast. You have a meek prince who seeks to free his people traveling with the likes of a tactically inclined…”painter” and a roguish, womanizing bard. However the different views and abilities that this varied cast brings to the group only aids them in their overwhelming task of freeing a nation. It allows them to be creative and do things that the enemy wouldn’t expect. And oh boy do they do it in spectacular fashion! Its fascinating to see what unexpected plan or creative solution Arslan and company will come up with to solve a problem. The shifting political scene also helps keep interesting, bringing about unexpected situations.

falangiesHowever while on the subject of characters I have to make one complaint and that is how Farangis the priestess is portrayed. Now I understand that it’s something that has a heavy prevalence in anime and that it also in some parts plays into the fictional culture which she lives, but her outfit and the fanservice-y angles which she is shown in are off putting for me. The woman is of an upstanding character and more than capable of handling herself in a fight, yet the show portrays her like simply eye candy a large majority of the time. It feels kind of sleazy and I would strongly prefer if the show would treat her with a bit more of the respect she deserves.

Well that about wraps up my thoughts for the week mate! For more on The Heroic Legend of Arslan, feel free to check out the original First Impressions overview I did. But with that I turn it over to you, have you seen The Heroic Legend of Arslan and if so what did you think of it? Feel free to let me know in the comments!




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