Current Situation

So I think its about time I offer a bit of an explanation as to what has been going on and why post have been a bit spotty as of late. You see a while back, when I posted about having technical issues what was going on was my laptop finally gave up the ghost. As a result I’ve been left borrowing someone else’s computer and am somewhat limited in what I can do and where I can go.

So what does this mean?

While put simply I haven’t being playing much in the way of games nor watching much anime as of late. Because of this it has become rather difficult to post about these topics as I’m currently limited in my access to them.

So please understand mates, I do have every intention of keeping EhTaku running, I’m just in a bit of a tight spot at the moment. Hopefully I can get a new machine of my own soon, but until then my posting schedule will likely continue to be rather loose. I will however still try to post every week, as I have done up until now!




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