Fish’s Thoughts: Difficulty And Dark Souls

souls series bannerSo as some of you may know, I’m a pretty big fan of RPGS, largely a result of them being some of the first games I played. I love getting lost in their massively expansive worlds and exploring the many secrets they have scattered throughout. However as of late solid RPG have become a bit few and far between, seeing as to how much work they are to make.

Of the few highly regarded ones that have come out in the last, probably the most infamous is the Souls series by From Software. These games are known for being brutally hard and today I want to talk about that.

Before I get started however I should just give a quick overview of the Souls series for those who may not know. They are a series of games by the Japanese game studio From Software. The series includes 2009’s Demon’s Souls, 2011’s Dark Souls and its two sequels, and (in some people’s opinion) 2015’s Bloodborne.

dark souls intThe games, while not all directly connected story wise, share a similar Action-RPG gameplay style and haunting setting. There also know for being brutally difficult and merciless to the player, which is the aspect of them I want to focus on today.

You see, I’m not a fan of difficult games.

This may make me seem like a wimp to some, but I really don’t find games that are intentionally difficult enjoyable. I most often play games to relax and explore, but if I’m dying every three seconds it becomes very hard to do either. If I’m constantly forced to stay on my guard I just become stressed and anxious, causing the game to lose all sense of fun or relaxation for me.

It also means that going anywhere but my immediate in-game destination is very risky, erasing my willingness to attempt any sort of exploration.

you diedAs such it means that the entirety of the Souls series is more or less out of the question for me. That poses a problem however as I do hold an interest in them. Everything I’ve read or heard about them talks about how rich and intricate their worlds are, as well as the numerous hidden secrets. Knowing that it makes them seem likely exactly the sort of games I would really enjoy and get into.

However that infamous difficulty stops me from even trying.

It really seems like a shame to me to that there is the wall holding me back from playing them. Sadly I highly doubt the Souls series will become something I’m able to play, seeing as that very difficulty is what they sell themselves on. Those games are made first and foremost for people who enjoy a challenge, and sadly that is not me.

Oh well, guess I’ll just have to stick with good ol’ Skyrim.

What about you mates? Do you enjoy games that are challenging or do you prefer something a bit more relaxed like me? Let me know in the comments!




2 thoughts on “Fish’s Thoughts: Difficulty And Dark Souls

  1. I really like Dark Souls. Still haven’t made it through the game, or even significantly far through the story. Forget the sequels, I’m going to beat the original even if I rage quite a million times. I think it is the atmosphere of the game and even though it can be incredibly frustrating, success feels earned and is incredibly satisfying. Clinging onto that final slither of health and actually beating the next round of enemies is a great feeling. Although, rolling off the edge of a cliff while dodging a skeleton is a little less thrilling.
    Skyrim definitely works for an immersive experience in an open world, but every now and then I want something that feels just a little bit more challenging (or a lot more) and Dark Souls definitely fills that slot.


    1. I can definitely see why people want the challenge of Dark Souls and the satisfaction progressing in it would bring. However as I said, I don’t think that’s for me mate. But if it’s what you enjoy, then I wish you the best if luck in conquering it!

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