Fish’s Thoughts: Blogging & Life

sigh bannerSo I’m drawing another blank about exactly what to write about again mates. This has unfortunately been happening a lot and it really frustrates me. However instead of focusing on the negative and pulling my hair out,  I figured I’ll just post a few thoughts I have on EhTaku and life in general.

So sit back, relax and lets talk mates!

So first off I want to say I appreciate the few of you who regularly read my post. I can’t say I have any great ambitious of making EhTaku into a massive sensation, however I would like to at least have an established audience to converse with. My goal since I started posting more regularly last October was to see how much I could grow a community. So to those of you who follow me, thanks for being the first ones in that community! And while I’m on the topic I should make a shout out to Karandi, a fellow anime blogger, for taking the time to comment regularly. It is appreciated mate!

Now as for my goal of building a community, I must admit that I have been somewhat blind in my attempts. What I mean is that there are aspects and means of going about it that should be obvious yet I remained woefully oblivious to. Probably the must forefront of these is just interacting with the larger anime and gaming community here on WordPress. Up until now I’ve sort of unknowingly made EhTaku an island, floating off in my little corner of the internet. The problem with that is you’re reliant on that chance that someone might happen by to gain any sort of viewership, which I’m finding is fairly ineffective. As such I plan to try and start being a bit more active in the community and forms some connections, even if just to have another friend who shares my interest!

So that’s a goal for the near future!

Anyways that’s just some of the things I have on my mind. I realize that its not directly anime or game related, but I still feel inclined to share it. EhTaku is a relatively new experience for me and perhaps others will be able to learn from my mistakes as well!






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