Fish’s Thoughts: Great Anime Moms

anime mom bannerFirst off, I should apologize for this being as late as it is mates. I try and keep a consistent posting schedule, however I really haven’t been doing very well with that lately.

Anyways, with Mother’s Day having just passed us by, I’ve been thinking about mothers in relation to anime. It’s fairly common in anime for mothers to be rather unseen, or in more severe cases, dead (looking at you Full Metal Alchemist). As such it’s fairly rare that the whole concept of motherhood is ever explored in anime, but when it is it makes for a welcome change. So with that in my I’d like to take the chance to talks about two mothers from two of my favorite animes that I feel are not only solid characters, but great moms!

Today mate I want to talk about Sachiko Fujinuma and Inko Midoriya!

Now it’s fairly easy to tell just from looking at them that both of these women differ in many ways. However they do share some qualities that help make them truly great mothers. Most key among these is the way they support their respective sons. They are keen on seeing their sons succeed and support them in their goals (though Inko did have her doubts in the past). They are both share the key motherhood role of being a source of protection, corrections and advice for their sons. And it is because of this nurturing they provide that there sons are able grow and be the good guys they are.

a9bcd070a96fa1b8938bb4e0a00847d7e025f1fb_hqNow getting into there differences, I’d like to talk about some qualities unique to each of them that I like. In Sachiko’s case it’s her cool composter and razor senses. This one time reporter is very good at sensing possible trouble and handling situations without letting her emotions get the better of her. Both of these traits come into play a multitude of times throughout the story of Erased, and prove a great aid and support to her son. She’s also a women whos willing to take what life gives her without faltering. Despite being a single mother living in rather basic quarters, she manages to provide her son with a decent life and enjoy the simpler joys.

adaf320eef61b8f733628028d13d4325f9bee4e8_hqAs for Inko, I appreciate her quiet and kind nature, being her son’s background cheerleader. Though certainty not perfect, as she did have doubts about her son’s goal in the pass as I mentioned earlier, once she does come to support him she proves to be quite the committed believer. I also like that despite not playing a major role in of story of My Hero Academia (at least not at the time of writing this), I still feel like she has a certain influences that one can feel through Izuku. Her gentle and caring nature has been passed on to her son and in doing so she’s given him traits that are key to being a hero. I also appreciated (minor spoiler) the resolve she can show when it comes to her son’s safety. Seeing the danger being a hero puts her son in and the damage it’s doing to his body, she has a moment where she defiantly stands up to the top hero, All Might himself, and tells him off for his negligence! So despite being meek, even she has a bit of momma bear in her!

I overall feel that both of their respective animes are better off for having them. Despites usually playing a background role in most media, mothers are an important part of a person’s life, so to see these two portray that role so well is very much appreciated. Its also very nice to see how their guidance has an influence in their sons’ lives. I would be very open to seeing more characters like them, or even more stories that take a look deeper look at motherhood!

What do you think mates? Do you know of any other great anime moms? Let me know in comments!




4 thoughts on “Fish’s Thoughts: Great Anime Moms

  1. I love how supporting both mothers are. Sachiko also trusts his son a lot, and even though she knows he’s up to something, she understands what his son needs to do. I love that about her.
    As for Inko, I think seeing her swell up along with Midoriya discovering he has no power really gets to me. :3

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    1. I completely agree with both points mate! It is nice that Sachiko has a sense​ of when her son needs to do things himself and when he needs a little help for her. I would be very easy for her to want to do everything for him/completely keep him from challenge or risk.

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  2. Mums are the best! Sachiko is one of my favourite mothers in anime now. I fell in love with her when she squared up to that other mother to protect the children. She wasn’t backing down for shit! Great post! 😀

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