Question of Interest

This week is yet another week where I have found myself drawing a blank as to what to post about mates. So I figure I’d reach out to you all for some aid!

What would you like to see me cover? Do you have any ideas for a post? Let me know!

There is of course one rule to this, that being that I not familiar with what you suggest that I will likely not be able to post about it. Other than that I am open to suggestions!




3 thoughts on “Question of Interest

  1. E3’s around the corner! What are you wanting to see?
    Also, there’s Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 scheduled for next week, a couple of days before Tekken 7. That would make a good topic.
    Do you play overwatch? It’s been a year the game is out, if you played it, maybe you can talk about it too?

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    1. E3 is one I will likely do mate! As for GG, Tekken and Overwatch I unfortunately haven’t played any of those. However since I do hold an interest in them I still might try and find something to write about them! Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!


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