Highlight: Vigilante – Boku no Hero Academia Illegals

Vigilante.pngBoku no Hero Academia, the story of one boys quest to become the top hero in a world of them, has without a doubt taken the world by storm lately. Both the original manga and the anime have caught people’s attention, myself included. In fact, and I know this will make me sound like a hipster, I’ve been following since when its first chapters released. My point is it’s something I’ve loved since it began and am super glad that’s lots of other people now share that enjoyment.

Anyways a few months back I discovered a spinoff series for Boku no Hero, one that caught my attention. However seeing as it’s fairly new it’s understandable that it’s a bit unknown. Well I aim to do my part in changing that and help more fans of the orginal find a supplementary work worth their attention.

So today I want to highlight the ongoing 2016 spin-off manga, Vigilante – Boku no Hero Academia Illegals!

Boku no Hero Illegals (to shorten that beast of a title) starts off by introducing the concept of illegal heros known as Vigilantes to the world of Boku no Hero. Essentially unlicensed Quirk users that perform the duties of a hero, they are relics of a bygone age that still continue to exist. That fact along immediately is interesting, as it helps give fans a look at the world they love from a different perspective, one that is a bit at odds with the law.

Haimawari_Kouichi_profileThe main character of this story is Haimawari Kouichi, a college age boy with a “Sliding” quirk. By day he works at a convenience store and by night he dons an All Might hoodie to become “Gentleman”, general friend to the public! Though somewhat corny, it is his small way of being like the heros he admires. However he unexpectedly gets dragged into a world closer to them when he gets caught up with the rugged vigilante “Knuckleduster” and street idol “Pop Step”. Together the three of them begin investigating cases of civilians Quirks going rampant, despite the fact that none of them have hero licenses. What follows is the world of Boku no Hero, told from a street side view. There no UA or school classes here, just hero on villian street brawls and a solid plot involving a Quirk enhancing drug.

team vigilante getting alongBoku no Hero Illegals gets me very excited from the potential it presence. Both its concept and characters are interesting, and it would be awesome if they made their way into the main work at some point. It’s also just interesting to see more anti-heroic characters in this world. Knuckleduster, the most dubious of the lot, especially makes for a nice contrast to the stalwart and upright All Might.

Now if any of this has caught your interest, you can find online scan of it around, including over on MangaFox. Again while I do recommend buying legit copies to help support it, I do not know of any existing outside of Japan. However all going well that will change soon!

Enjoy mates, and feel free to share your thoughts down in the comments!




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