Fish’s Thoughts: E3 2017

e3 bannerWith most the major conferences done, I say it’s time I give my thoughts and feelings on E3 2017 mates! So no time for long introductions, let’s jump right in!

Here are my thoughts for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo!

Bethesda – The main conference I tuned in for and the one I was looking forwards to the most. It…honestly disappointed me. A lot of what they showed was just re-releases of older games and or new content for released games. About the only new announcements they made were Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2, both of which I hold zero interest in. There was also the announcement of Creation Club, but as many have already pointed out that’s just the return of paid mods and there is already a ton of free mods that are just as good (if not better) as anything they showed. I did however take interest in the new Dishonored 2 DLC, “Death of the Outsider”. It was cool to see the Whalers again and Billy’s new mechanical arm caught my attention. However I would have to get a copy of Dishonored 2 first, as well as a system capable of running it, neither of which are going to happen anytime soon. So at current, Bethesdaland really didn’t have any attractions for me.

Sony – I’ve never gotten very invested into Sony, as I rarely used their consoles beyond owning a PSP for a while. This is honestly odd since they tend to cater more towards my crowd, but I digress. What I’m getting at is that I didn’t bother paying much attention to their conference, since I don’t own a PS4 and have no interest in getting one. I did however check out the new Spider-Man game trailer and it did manage to catch my eye. I loved the Batman Arkham games and to have something similar would be more than welcome. I may however just wait and see if it ports to PC, as it doesn’t look like a console seller to me.

Nintendo – The Big N is about the only ones that really delivered this year, and they did it well! The announced a whole host of new games coming for the Switch (as expected), as well as some for the 3DS as well. Probably the ones people seemed most hyped for where the two new Metroid games and while I may not have ever played anything from that series, my congratulations to it fans. Your long wait is nearly over, Samus is returning! Other than that there was quite a variety of stuff touched upon, from the gleeful weirdness of Super Mario Odyssey to the simple joy and friendship of the new Kirby. There was also a decent handful of third-party titles announced, including an interesting looking RPG called Battle Chasers: Nightwar. Finally there was the reveal of a remastered version of Radiant Historia, an underrated but masterful RPG that I loved. As a fan it was wonderful to see it get some attention again, as it has criminally flown under a lot of people’s radar until now!

That more or less wraps up my thoughts on E3 2017 mates. I went into it with tempered expectations and honestly that’s probably for the best, as overall it felt pretty weak. However that’s just my view, so feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!




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