Fish’s Thoughts: EhTaku 50th Post

First off I must apologize for again being late. My inspiration to write has continued to be a rather dry well, much to my frustration. However I’m committed to my goal of providing a post every week, so here is the one for this week.

Better late than never after all!

Anyways I realized last week when I posted that it was the 50th post I’ve made one here. That honestly came as a bit of a surprise to me, but not an unhappy one. Anyways in small celebration of this milestone I thought I’d share a few more thoughts about EhTaku!

This blog is more or less a bit of a personal experiment. You see one of my faults that I’m rather well aware of is my habit of starting things and never really finishing them. I’ve had many personal projects that have fallen into this and it’s something that I wish to improve on. As such I decided to give myself a goal to achieve, one that would really exercise my commitment to something. Being that I like writing, anime and gaming, I finally settled on the idea of trying my hand at running a blog covering the latter to, as it seem like a natural fit. Not only would I have something that would require constant attention and updating, but also a place to share my thoughts on my hobbies.

And thus EhTaku was born.

Since then, things have been…interesting. Initially thing went pretty well, especially with my first post which still is getting attention despite being posted 2 years ago. However things changed a few months later after moving to a new city. I ended up becoming very depressed, to the point that any motivation to really do anything (including writing) vanished. As such post to EhTaku abruptly halted for about a year as I pushed through loneliness and an unlikable work environment. However my original goal remained in the back of my head, and there was times when it would bring EhTaku to my mind.

It was finally in October of last year that the dark clouds past and my inspiration returned. And it was all brought on by reading a odd little comedy manga, inspiring me to write about why I believed it deserved more attention. It was after posting that a new secondary goal came to me, to try an post everyday for a year and see how much of a community I could grow!

And now I find myself, half a year later writing about how was my 50th post. It certainly interesting to look back at how things have changed and how ever so gradually a bit of a community is beginning to form.

So thank you mate, all of you who have read my post and especially those of you who decided to keep reading. I hope that over the 50 I’ve done so far that I’ve providing you with interesting material and I hope to continue providing it! Feel free to let me know your thoughts so far on EhTaku, or even give advice on how I could improve things in the furture!




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