The Blog

Eh!Taku is a anime and gaming blog meant for discussion and analysis of otaku pastimes and culture. It is designed to be both approachable and enjoyable for all members of the lifestyle, from veterans to casuals, with the intent of causing conversation about the interest we share. Comment on post are fully welcome and suggestions for future topics will be given at least some level of consideration. We at Eh!Taku just ask that things are kept civil, we’re all friends here mates!

New post are primarily uploaded on Monday, helping start off the week with a little bit of anime and gaming culture. Eh!Taku can also be found on Twitter and welcomes followers stopping by to chat.

Team Eh!Taku

profileFish – The author of Eh!Taku, a Media Arts graduate from snowy Canada. Fish has a strong passion for the blog’s focus, spending a large part of his time engrossed in anime and games. His other pastimes include drawing, writing fantasy and making terrible puns. He hopes to one day take a trip to Japan, primarily Kyoto.



Paul – By day a rambling multi-instrumentalist, Paul helps out with proof reading and minor editing. Hailing from jolly old England, Paul enjoys ingesting copious amounts of tea, breaking randomly into song and cracking jokes. He shares Fish’s love of anime and games, but also brings a certain level of experience with blogging to the table.


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