Fish’s Thoughts: EhTaku 50th Post

First off I must apologize for again being late. My inspiration to write has continued to be a rather dry well, much to my frustration. However I’m committed to my goal of providing a post every week, so here is the one for this week.

Better late than never after all!

Anyways I realized last week when I posted that it was the 50th post I’ve made one here. That honestly came as a bit of a surprise to me, but not an unhappy one. Anyways in small celebration of this milestone I thought I’d share a few more thoughts about EhTaku!

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Fish’s Thoughts: Reveiw Scores

Scored reviews are a dime a dozen nowadays. Pick just about anything really, be it a game, a show, heck even toilet paper, and you will be able to find a review with a score for it.

It is such an ingrained part of how we talk about stuff, a result of humanity’s love of categorizing. And that’s all well and good, scored reviews aren’t bad, heck, having scores allows one to tell quickly and simply what others thought of that “thing”. However there is a problem that arises with scored reviews, and that’s people being too committed to the numbers.

It’s a very easy pit to fall into and one I fell into myself at one time.

So today I’d like to talk about that!

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Question of Interest

This week is yet another week where I have found myself drawing a blank as to what to post about mates. So I figure I’d reach out to you all for some aid!

What would you like to see me cover? Do you have any ideas for a post? Let me know!

There is of course one rule to this, that being that I not familiar with what you suggest that I will likely not be able to post about it. Other than that I am open to suggestions!




Current Situation

So I think its about time I offer a bit of an explanation as to what has been going on and why post have been a bit spotty as of late. You see a while back, when I posted about having technical issues what was going on was my laptop finally gave up the ghost. As a result I’ve been left borrowing someone else’s computer and am somewhat limited in what I can do and where I can go.

So what does this mean?

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