Hey mates, just want to let you all know that I’m changing my posting schedule here on EhTaku. I realize what I have said recently about being committed to post on a weekly basis, but on further consideration I’ve decided that this if for the best. As things are currently I’m trying to draw water for an empty well, and I don’t feel its fair to just give you lackluster post just for the sake of having a post. As such from now on I will be posting on an “as inspiration strikes” basis, at least for the time being. I apologize that I have to go back on my word.


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Fish’s Thoughts: Alola Pokemon

pokemon_alola_regionSo in my last post I did a Top 12 of my favorite Pokemon, spanning from Kanto to Kalos. However Alola sadly got left out as at the time of writing Sun and Moon were yet to be released. However after playing through my copy of Sun I started to realize I had some thoughts on the Pokemon of the Alola region, both for the new creatures and the regional variations.

As such I’d like to share those thoughts and give you what I feel are a few of Alola’s best and worst. I should just note beforehand though that these aren’t listed by rank, as enough time hasn’t passed for me to really nail that down. Instead this is more of an informal collections of thoughts on a couple creatures.
So with that said, let’s begin! Here are my thoughts on Alola Pokemon!

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